Posted by: chleenos | October 16, 2009

Karancho Beach Resort

Karancho Beach Resort
Maribago, Lapu-lapu Cebu City Philippines
495-2455 / 340-9708


October 3,2009
Summitian’s Outing

Sunset Cove at Karancho. Great experience, good food, fan people to be with but the venue…hmmm…

sunset cove of karancho beach resort

Let’s talk about the venue, just for P15.00 away from highway Mandaue, you will reach Karancho Beach Beach Resort, just a walking distance from White Sands Beach Resort.

karancho beach resort

For so many beaches resort I been through, this is just the only resort where I find myself thinking twice before letting go the P60 pesos as entrance fee and P800.- for the cottage fee. Imagine there entrance P 60.- for adult and P 50.- for kids, here’s more, this coming November there entrance fee will increase as much as P10.- both adult and kids.whew! For me, I don’t find P60.- as entrance that expensive to consider that the place is really nice, good and accommodating as I say, but this place…hmmm…not worth for that much price.

cottages of karancho beach resort for P800.-

These cottages below ranges P800.- to P1,800.- with limited number of heads. During our stay, we took the P800.- cottage which is only good for 10-15 persons,good thing we’re all 15.
I thought this volleyball here has also a rent if you play,good there’s none. The cottage fee does not include the entrance fee. The entrance fee, P60.- was a separate payment. The worst thing here was, we thought that paying the entrance fee will include the usage of shower…whaaa… surprisingly, shower cost P30.- Adult and P20.- Children, ” ganahan paka ana?”.

Dressing room is not clean, disgusting! baho ayo angso! Shower room, never mind…better go home and take your shower there…sure paka na limpyo.
To be fair, the shore is clean but the sand is artificial, I think.

But anyway, forgetting all the complaints that was on my mind, I establish a fan game, I called it as “Banana Golf”. Using banana tied up by a meter and half string to the waist of the participants and the lansonis as there ball, make us all laugh while the gamers start the game.

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